The Kardashians: A Falling Empire

Keeping up with the Kardashians, just got a whole lot easier, (and time-saving).

I have heard from my reliable souses, that the Kardashian Empire is falling, they are no longer the most sought-after celebrities in ‘LA LA Land’.
Editors, Producers, Promoters & quite literally everyone else in media have blacklisted the family, saying that everything they touch ‘goes up in smoke’, ‘turns absolutely toxic’ & ‘is doomed to fail’.  Their TV ratings have gone down like a led balloon, magazines with their photos in them or on the cover have remained unsold & their products are unmarketable.

Promoters where paying out thousands of dollars just to keep Kim, Khloe & the other ones, at their top spot,  also Kim was once paid $600,000 to spend New Year’s Eve at Tao Las Vegas.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ saw a 14% fall in ratings, from 3.5 million viewers per episode last season to 3 million per episode this season & magazines sales fell 18% when one of the Kardashian sisters where featured on the cover.  Even shoe maker ‘Skechers’ dumped Kim as the face of the company back in 2011, and replaced her with a French bulldog, (that just says at all, doesn’t it?).

Manhattan publicist, R. Couri Hay, the man responsible for organizing paid Kardashian visits to clubs in 2008 & 2010 said, “I’m bored with them”, (I think everyone else is starting to agree).
R. Couri Hay also said he wouldn’t dream of promoting “Kim Kardashian and her little clunky sisters”.

This huge celebrity empire; started toppling in October when Kim divorced NBA star Kris Humphries, after a useless, pathetic, 72 day excuse of a marriage.

Also, the rumors of Khloe being adopted were smashed by Robert Kardashian yesterday, who testified in divorce-court papers Khloe was his biological daughter.

Will you miss the Kardashians?  Or are you happy to watch them fall?

On a completely different note but related topic, I was told today by a friend that the Kardashians have just moved into his building & he was scrambling for ideas of what to get them for a housewarming gift and he asked me if I had any suggestions, but I also have no idea, so I’m asking you guys to help us out, can you suggest anything?  Tweet me your ideas.

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